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    Don't worry, this isn't a banking website nor is it solely (ha) for people with a foot fetish. Instead, welcome to the Footse100 reviews of all things Kink, Fetish, and Sex for gay men. Well, actually for all men and indeed some women depending on what we review!

    September 24, 2019 · Underwear,Jock strap,Sukrew
    As you can probably gather by now, I am a little bit of a fan of Sukrew underwear. I have a...
    I recently wrote an article for Ms Diva on the Male Satisfyer and the fun you can have with its...
    July 9, 2019 · Toys,Vibrator,Satisfyer,Guest Blog
    This month I was delighted to be asked to do a guest review article for the Petticoat Diva. So in...
    June 9, 2019 · Underwear,Sukrew
    You might recall that a little while ago I reviewed some Sukrew jocks and I was disappointed with...
    Check out my review as guest reviewer for the Fetish Fairies at https://www.thefetishfairies.com...
    March 14, 2019 · Feet,Sports Gear,Thoughts,Fetish
    A few people ask me, and have then subsequently said I should write about, how I got into fetish...
    February 11, 2019 · Vibrator,Masterbation Aid,Mens,Womens
    This is a Partner Multi-fun 2 from Satisfyer. For those of you unaware of 'Satisfyer' they offer...
    January 9, 2019 · Underwear,Jock strap,Sukrew
    Otherwise known as the U Jock White Joey this is one of my favourite Sukrew jocks, or rather it...
    January 2, 2019 · Feet,Socks,Fetish
    And I don't mean the ankle socks (although I might get to them). I mean the thick cotton white...
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  • Getting to know me

    Just a little something about lil'old me

    Meet the writer - Jason

    Gay Kinkster. Human Being. Gin Lover.

    Hi there, I'm Jason a thirtysomething career minded, down to earth, kinky gay guy. I've been reviewing my adventures into the gay fetish world for a little while now. Like most of us that start down this path, I'm Alice and I've followed that white vibrating rabbit all the way down the hole to see where it leads.


    I started my path as a model for www.mystr8m8sfeet.com and since then I've been looking to explore this side of me more to see where it leads. I've done a number of things now but always on the lookout for new experiences. I would define myself as an otter. Hairy, in OK shape (could be better).


    - Leather (on others & myself)
    - Sports Kit (on others & myself)
    - Foot worship (myself and others)
    - Restraints (on others)
    - Muscles
    - Body hair
    - Edging & cum denial (on someone else)
    - Anal (mainly top)
    - Roleplay
    - Pup handling
    - Cum (love a good facial)


    Like to try;
    - being restrained
    - being edged
    - bottoming (but you will need to be patient, no exceptions)
    - being submissive
    - watersports


    - will not do scat
    - will not do pain or physical marks
    - will not do unsafe outside of a trusted playmate (checked regularly).
    - will not completely own someone (don't have the time).


    My pictures are mine and not to be stolen or used for other purposes without my consent. If you know me, then be a grown up.


    I'm still very much on my fetish journey as there are some things I've not tried as yet. However, stick around, grab a pew (and put your feet up) and let's see what mischief we can get up to together!

  • My wishlist

    These are the things I have my eye on to try. Suggestions for things also very welcome! Message me via here or social media below.

    Red lace Leather Harness, Jock & Armband

    Because the lady LOVES leather.

    Leather Kilt (with utility pockets!)

    Leather & the feel of fresh air... what's not to like?

    Mens Sheep Leather Jeans/chaps in Red, Black & White Contrast

    White, Black Red!!! These would feel AMAZING and would go with some of the harnesses I want. ;)

    Maskulo Jockstrap with Removable Cod Piece, Neon White

    Maskulo Leather again, and in Black and White so would go with the other outfit I want.

    Maskulo Spandex Tank Top with Leather-Look Padding, Black

    Love the colour of this and the mix of spandex and leather look. WITH shorts to match.

    Maskulo Fetish Shorts with Removable Cod Piece, Side Thigh Pads and Zip Back

    These are the shorts that I mentioned. These even have a zip at the back.

    Maskulo Shorts with Removable Cod Piece and Zip-Up Rear, Black

    These are the shorts similar to those I mentioned. These even have a zip at the back. I also like the look of that harness!

    Leather Black Shirt 

    This would be my first proper piece of leather clothing (outside of my jacket). The look is amazing and I bet it would feel orgasmic against my skin.

    Pin Wheel Wartenberg Sensory Testing Neurologic Diagonostic Set

    These are brilliant for use on a restrained or sensory deprived sub. Use of them on their feet or cock drives them wild. I've been after a set of my own for a while now.

    Basic restraint set - arm to thigh

    I want to try these to see if they work. They appear to be just velcro but do put the sub in a useful position. I'd like to put them through their paces and see if they do the job.

    Basic restraint set - arm to waist

    I want to try these to see if they work. They appear to be just velcro but do put the sub in a useful position. I'd like to put them through their paces and see if they do the job.

    Restraints - full body

    Again, these appear simplistic but appear to keep the sub in another useful position. I'd like to try them out and see if they do actually work.

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