• Fair Warning - Adult content!

    Not for the faint hearted...

    While I try to avoid explicit pictures on this site, there are plenty of references to adult content and themes. If this isn't for you TURN BACK NOW!


    Otherwise, come on in and weclome to the Footse100!


    P.S. Don't let the name fool you, this isn't just a site about feet, trust me.

  • Getting to know me:

    Just a little something about lil' old me

    My name is Jason Sole, and I have something to share with you

    Gay Kinkster. Human Being. Gin Lover. NOT an influencer.


    Hi there, I'm Jason a thirty-something career minded, down to earth, kinky gay guy. I've been reviewing my adventures into the gay fetish world for a little while now. Like most of us that start down this path, I'm Alice and I've followed that white vibrating rabbit all the way down the hole to see where it leads.


    I started my path as a model for www.mystr8m8sfeet.com and since then I've been looking to explore this side of me more to see where it leads. I've done a number of things now but always on the lookout for new experiences. I would define myself as an otter. Hairy, in OK shape (could be better).


    My pictures are mine and not to be stolen or used for other purposes without my consent. If you know me, then be a grown up.


    I'm still very much on my fetish journey as there are some things I've not tried as yet. However, stick around, grab a pew (and put your feet up) and let's see what mischief we can get up to together!

  • The Footse 100 (my reviews):

    Don't worry, this isn't a banking website nor is it solely (ha) for people with a foot fetish. Instead, welcome to the Footse 100 reviews of all things Kink, Fetish, and Sex for gay men. Well, actually for all men and indeed some women depending on what we review!

  • Wishlist & upcoming reviews:

    These are the things I have my eye on to try. Suggestions for things are also very welcome! Message me via here or social media below. You can also find a full wish list on Amazon.

    Wireless Wand Massager by Oliver James​

    I have a wired wand, now I want to explore some wireless ones to see if they are reliable etc.

    Adidas Knee Length Sports Socks (Black)

    I can tell you now reader, if I like the feel of them, then you certainly will!

    Doc Johnson Anal Trainer Kit (Purple)

    So, for those in the know, I'm trying to train my bottom side. So if I find these helpful, you may well do!

    EIS,"Plug 'n' Play" Anal Dildo, Silky Silicone

    Not being a 'natural bottom', if both my and a bottom partner enjoys this then you'll have hours of fun! Let's see...

    Fleshlight Wash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

    We all want to know how to keep our Fleshlight fresh, right? So let's give this a whirl and see if it does anything.

    Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip (Ice Blue)

    Some masterbation aids are useful, others not so much, so lets see how this one gets on!

    CHCH Red Word Binding Steel Pipe (with lock)

    These vary in range and size and some can be quite sturdy while others not so much. So let's put it through its paces!

    Fleshlight Quickshot Masturbator

    Some masterbation aids are useful, others not so much, so lets see how this one gets on!

  • I'd love to hear from you!

    You can find me on all of the below platforms. Click the icon and it will take you through to my various profiles. Feel free to get in touch!

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