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Adidas White Socks

Sniffing, wearing, licking... they really are the best aren't they?

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And I don't mean the ankle socks (although I might get to them). I mean the thick cotton white Adidas socks pictured above and below.

I've had these pair for a little while now. And I've got 3 pairs specifically for 3 different purposes. (I actually have a few but they are mine for everyday wear so mittens off! I have my stinky play pair that I let get particularly dirty and smelly, my whiter than white play pair and an every playing pair (just because).

Use for smell enjoyment:

The pair pictured below are the stinky pair. They haven't been washed for a fair few months and are often worn down the gym or on hot days. I find wearing them down the gym better as they smell gets lost in all the other gym like smells therefore people don't give you strange looks when they catch a whiff.

They are still soft and have that cotton feel to them but the soles are starting to brown and the smell is particularly strong. As these are made out of cotton the smell does hold quite well, especially if you want to (or want to get your sub to) lick them and smell them as part of a gag.

As these are soft you can use them as a gag, a masterbation aid (I recommend that) or wear them under your underwear to add to the smells.

I've also got other brands (as other brands are available) but for me these are the best. They are durable, retain their comfort, and work well with most outfits. Nikes I would say are a close second, and I'll be reviewing them another time!

Use for admiration:

The pair pictured below are the pair I keep in good condition. Being cotton they are easy to clean and keep clean if washed immediately. Every now and again I do add a whitener just to top up that white glow but generally they do OK. Especially if they are just a pair for 'best'. It's up to you if you want to use a detergent or other with an odour to them.

As these are for best, I tend to use the white linen odour as it is a nice smell and my subs seem to appreciate it. These, just like the dirty pair, retain their softness so can be used for a range of fun as well as being safe to use as a gag.

In terms of storage these are best placed in the same place as other cotton like clothing. You can easily store these with your everyday socks and no one would think anything of it. Or, if like me you like to keep your toys separate, I'd recommend storing in a drawer or container/box with other items of clothing. Don't store with toys, leather etc as they tend to pick up the smells around them after a period of time and you may end up with an odd smell to them that isn't quite one thing or another.

Play time:


As these are cotton they also shape to the foot very well. From both pictures you can see how the soles grab quite well so you still have some definition to them. The cotton is thick but you still get sensation come through. Depending on how ticklish the feet are they can help numb that a little so the tickle can last a little longer. If, however, it takes direct contact on your feet for your enjoyment then these won't help you. Good to start off with, but you'd need to remove them before playing fully. Which isn't a major issue as they can start on, then come off and go into a mouth as a pretty good gag.

The final Footse100 rating:

I LOVE these socks. The feel both on and off the foot (and to the wearer and the admirer), their ability to curve to the shape of the foot, and their ability to work with a range of outfits make them one of the ideal socks for foot play. They are reasonably priced and relatively easy to maintain.


I'd recommend these to any experienced or rookie foot worshipper. And they don't stand out for every day wear so you can wear them out n about and no one would bat an eyelid!

You can buy them from most sports shops or Adidas website directly for no more than £20.

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