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Colt Muscle Nipple Pump:

Does it suck or does it suck?

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One of the first things you notice when you get this Nipple Pump is how much it looks like it belongs in some sort of laboratory. So come up to my lab and let’s see what’s on my slab…

So this is a Colt Muscle Nips (Nipple) Pump. For those that may not have used one before, nipple pumps are designed to cover the nipples and suck the air out to cause the nipple to go erect and stretch. In some cases, it makes the nipple more sensitive for you to then go on to do other things with the nipple. In this review of my Footse100, I’ll look at its visual appeal, functionality and usability.

Visual appeal:

They say don’t just a book by its cover and I would say that isn’t true with the Colt Pump. It looks scientific and it feels scientific and comes across as a little basic.

The entire thing is either made of plastic or rubber for the tubes. Now if you are using on yourself (which I may or may not have done), then it’s a bit of an issue. You get the feeling that you need some sort of medical assistant to help you with. It’s not very ‘mood setting’ by any stretch (ha) of the imagination. However, if you have someone all tied up blindfolded and unable to move then what it looks like doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. So, depending on your own needs, how it looks could be a good or bad thing.

Also, I’m not entirely sure why they have called it a ‘muscle nips pump’? It’s a nipple pump, not everyone has well defined ‘pecs’ so to call it a muscle nipple pump is a little off-putting. Also, who calls the nipples “nips”? I haven’t heard anyone call them nips since I was in high school (but is that just an age thing for me??).


To operate it is fairly simple. Place the opaque suction cups over the nipple area ensuring the rim of the cup is ‘sealed’ and pull on the black pump with your fingers. Once a decent level of suction is attained you can use the white taps to seal off the cups and maintain the vacuum. Do them one at a time to ensure you aren’t running out of hands and once fully vacuumed it should stay that way for at least 15-20 minutes. There is an additional pump just below the main black pump to allow for small adjustments to the vacuum (topping it up for example or releasing it if gone a little too ‘sucky’.

To release the cups you can either release the white ‘taps’ or pull the suction cups off the body (I don’t recommend that however if you have a pretty tight vacuum).


In terms of actually using this pump, as I said above, if you are using on yourself or indeed a particularly disobedient and fidgity sub then this isn’t the pump for you. As the suction cups are plastic (as well as the rest of it) any hair around the nipple or movement from the person they are attached to affects the vacuum. Therefore use on yourself is OK for small bouts of playing and maybe for use on a sub too but for someone more experienced that wants a harder ‘suck’ then this won’t do the job for you. I would say this is a very good beginners pump. It’s simple, easy to use and clean (the suction cups detach very easily).

The Footse (Final) Score:

Overall I did like this product. I have at least 1 sub I can use it on therefore it does have a place in the toolkit. However, I do think it could be a little more than what it is. It is very easy to use, very easy to clean and maintain but it is very basic. It feels very ‘plastic’ and therefore a little cheap. Unlike some pumps out there this isn’t one of the better-looking ones. Overall I would recommend it for its ease of use but would urge caution if you want something more ‘hardcore’. I give the Cold Muscle Nipple Pump a 7/10.

You can get the pump from here at around £30.

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