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Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer:

Something for the cold evenings…

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Now when I heard that Fleshlight had produced a sleeve warmer I was overjoyed (well, more excited but I didn’t want to start off a review with how excited I was). For those gents out there that own a Fleshlight when it’s cold, it’s cold. Now if you enjoy that cold feeling a flashlight provides then this isn’t the product for you. But if you actually prefer the warm feeling on your bits (like me) then this was worth me investigating.

Currently, if you have a Fleshlight, in order to get that warm feeling, you either need to coat the sleeve in warming lube (maybe a little too warm) or leave the sleeve in warm water for a short period. Having tried both methods a few times, and with my crystal clear Silicone IceJack, I can safely say that the warmth does not last and it’s a lot of fuss for very little reward. Therefore, this warmer could be the answer to our prayers!

First look

This warmer is designed as a stand that the fleshjack can sit on without the need to remove the sleeve. You can, quite literally, insert your fleshjack onto the warmer and wait for it to do its work. The warmer is mains powered but you will need a 2 pin US-UK converter in order to plug it into the mains. Unless you have a shaving plug in your bathroom or similar as this would charge from there too. You can however also unplug the cable itself from its plug and connect into any USB power source.


You know the warmer is alive when the green fleshjack light comes on at the bottom and this stays on until the warmer reaches optimum temperature. But be warned, this isn’t like an iron, it takes it a good 10 minutes to get a warm temperature when not plugged into a mains socket. Not warm enough to burn yourself on but warm enough to warm up the inside area of the fleshjack (approx. 20 degrees centigrade). I warn you because if you’re horny in that moment and ‘in need’ of release, without a little bit of forward planning you may be out of luck.

I also tried the warmer on a mains power socket and warming was much faster. I also noted that the temperature was higher. If USB charge felt ‘lukewarm’ then mains charge felt very close to body temperature (approx. 35 degrees centigrade). So if you are horny in the moment, a mains plug is better, just keep yourself entertained for 5 minutes.

The USB charger will work with most USB adaptors and the thin black shape means you could take it away with you if you travel with your Fleshjack (and now with added sleeve warmer).

Thoughts: The warmer or hot water?

The problem with using the hot water is that that often the sink (or bowl) is not close to hand, and it certainly takes longer than 10 minutes to get anything better than ‘lukewarm’. But with the warmer, it can quite happily sit in the bedroom close to hand and quickly get switched on quickly and easily when I’m in the mood. For me, I’d recommend getting the warmer. But be under no illusion that it’ll be a quick warm. Plan ahead and you can easily turn what would normally be a cold Fleshlight into something nice n toasty to add to that already amazing feeling the Fleshlight provides.

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