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How I got into kink:

I started at the bottom (but not that bottom)

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A few people ask me, and have then subsequently said I should write about, how I got into fetish and kink related stuff.

There are 2 people I ‘blame’ for corrupting my otherwise innocent little soul. One was a random guy at a house party and the other is my long term best friend @sammy_aduki.

For some background, I came out at 19 and was pretty much a prude until I was about 24. As a 24 year old having been single for approaching 3 years at that point I said ‘fcuk it’ and got on a plan to Gran Canaria. If there is one place a gay man can ‘wet his whistle’, it would most certainly be Gran Canaria.

Like a white rabbit exploring a dark hole, while I dirtied my little fluffy white tale I emerged a little more informed, experienced and with renewed confidence. Which led me straight into a long term relationship. There was no ‘fetish’ to speak of during that time but I did continue to develop in confidence. Until the day I released I had gained happy weight, then suddenly that confidence evaporated.


Now, in terms of my fetish growth, I was aware of such things but had never really dabbled. That was, until very early one Sunday morning at a friends house party. The party was fairly ‘normal’ and passed without incident, however towards the end of the evening when it came to bed arrangements I was on one sofa and a very fidgety guy was on the other sofa. My feet were on the end of the sofa closest to his face. This guy cannot sit still for more than a minute. Putting aside the fact he wanted to talk at 0500 in the morning, all of a sudden he started playing with my bare feet.


You know that feeling when a really hot guy grabs you by the arms, looks you in the eye and just caresses you lips. Yeah, that. But instead, on my feet. It was probably the horniest moment I’d had in quite some time and got me struggling to contain the erection as it was a friend who had been doing it! (Nothing worse than an awkward boner right?).


From there I got thinking. Are my feet one of my very few erogenous zones? All the usual ones aren’t there for me (bad wiring - another reason why I can’t take penis) so now that I have one I need to jump on this!


Back in 2013 when this was discovered, if you went on Grindr to find someone also into feet you’d be met with a wall of “ewwww”. Foot play back then was very much seen as a fetish (especially in my local area) therefore I followed the little (big feet) white rabbit to the world of Recon.


I quickly found that with a foot fetish comes a sports gear fetish. So not only am I now getting my feet (and cock) getting seen to but I’m also getting horny in some adidas finery and so is the guy working on my feet. And for a good while that is pretty much what I did. Until I started talking with my then flatmate (Sammy).


He will quite freely admit he is a kinky bugger and indeed he won “Mr Fetish Gran Canaria” in 2014 (?), so you can’t get any more kinkier than that! He and his now current partner took me even further down the rabbit hole to my first Recon Fetish event in London. And like a pig in s**t I rather enjoyed myself. At the time I was just in sports gear, but it opened my eyes up to other things like latex, rubber, leather etc. Today I know what I like and what I don’t and know what I want to get the money to branch into (for my full list just find me on Recon). I have even started saving for my first rubber outfit!! (Sammy will be so proud).


So the key message is that your entry into the rabbit hole can be via any method. The key is to go in with an open mind and give it a try. If it is not for you, then it is not for one. Any kinky bugger will happily accept that your fetish is not mine but we can all have a bloody amazing kinky time together!

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