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Let’s take the pulse of the Pulse 3 Solo

A fun masterbation aid or just a load of rumble?

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The Pulse 3 Solo sells itself as the world’s first ‘Guybrator’ with, what they describe as, ‘PulsePlate technology’. That’s a very fancy way of basically saying its a vibrator for men. I tried this out for myself and on another unwilling victim (does evil laugh) to see what we thought.

Look n feel:

As seen left, the Pulse 3 is black, roughly hand size and is designed to wrap around an erect penis. On the package, it says that the penis doesn’t have to be erect, but unless you’re 7″ plus or have a medium to large flaccid penis then I don’t see how it can support a flaccid penis below a certain length.

Along the ‘cup’ of the vibrator, the material is a softer rubber-like material. Depending on your mood you can press the penis up against it or you can lube up the penis first and apply the vibrator. It is very easy to clean and I found that it feels a little better with a little lube.

The packaging is fairly easy to navigate through and there is a ‘demo image’ on the side to show you which way round to use the vibrator. It also comes with its own storage bag (see above), which I found very handy for keeping in mint condition!


The Pulse 3 simply works by placing the penis inside the ‘arm’ of the vibrator and pressing the button on the side. You can then select different vibration speeds and intensities. To the right is a demo on a dildo from my collection (which shall remain brandless for the moment) so you can see how it sits and looks.

The rubbery feel of the inner part (the part where the penis rubs up against) can cause a little friction if you want to masturbate with the device at the same time. Therefore I would recommend lubing your penis first then enjoying the vibrator. It’s just one less thing to focus on so you can get on with the matter in hand (yes, I went there).

To change speed settings you simply press the buttons on the side. They aren’t sensitive so you will need to apply some pressure to the button to get it change. Other than that it is quite simple to use.

Charging & Battery life:

You get a charging cable with the vibrator but no wall plug. The cable does plug into any wall plug that has a USB port but you will need to have one or find one in order to charge it. It charges up within an hour and you get a good 3-4 hours worth of use (depending on the intensity of the vibration of course). One thing I’ve not been able to check out is if it holds it’s charge over a period of time. I suspect it does but that might be something to keep an eye on.

One annoying note about the charging cable is that when it connects to the vibrator itself, it doesn’t ‘plug in’ it appears to just be held against a charging port magnetically. This means that it can come undone fairly easily. So when you do put it on charge, make sure it won’t roll away and knock itself off it’s charging cable.

The Footse (Final) Score:

I did enjoy using this I have to say. I was a little sceptical as it seemed very elaborate for what is essentially a vibrator but it does work, it was comfortable to use, easy to charge and very easy to clean. I don’t subscribe to the hype on the website about ‘new technology’ and all that other nonsense but I would say that it is a pretty good masturbation aid. Overall I’d rate it 9/10.

You can buy the Pulse 3 Solo Buy a Hot Octopus Pulse III then follow our this link direct to Hot Octopus“>online for around £99.00.

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