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Mens Wet Look Trousers with “Straps”

Why the straps? I mean really...

· Latex

When I was told that I would be getting my hands on some wet look latex trousers I cannot tell you how excited I was to try them out (no, not that sort of excited). I’ve been after a pair for a while now and these (at face value at least) looked the part. For those that have not seen the Noir range as yet, these trousers are designed to look like wet leather. Skin tight is better, ripples or ‘bagginess’ not so much. I’ve got a few of these now so I’m developing a bit of a feel for what I like and dislike.

Look n feel

So this pair is the Noir Handmade men’s wet look trousers with straps (black) in size XL. XL works out to be about right for someone with a 36-38 inch waist and (if I don’t say so myself) decent sized thighs. If you have a 39″ waist and thin legs you may find yourself in trouble with these.

The first thing to be aware of is getting into them. Due to the ‘straps’ (I hate the straps) if you don’t pay attention to where your leg is going you will end up arse over tit. They are interesting enough without straps but these straps do have a habit of getting in the way as you’re putting on, so in the interests of safe play, watch your feet. ;o)

At the front of the pair is a crotchless area with a pouch made of the same wet look material. To me, the pouch seems a bit small but then depending on your preferences actually a small pouch may look the part. These trousers aren’t backless and the pouch doesn’t come off. So if you wanted to wear a jock (for example) you’d have to cut off the pouch.

You have 2 back pockets (actual pockets) but beyond that, there are no other pockets or pouches. Just about the crotchless front are 2 studs and these are the only studs on the trousers. They don’t seem to serve a purpose (I had hoped they could undo the pouch at the front) but it would appear the pouch is fixed.

As a 6ft4 guy, I was a little surprised to also find that the trouser legs were very long. I’m a 34 leg and I still had leg material halfway across my feet. If you are not as tall as I am but do share my waist you may find the legs drown you a little.

The straps

Talking of cutting things off, the straps. I’ll be completely honest, they annoyed me from the off. They are completely pointless and do nothing but get in the way. As you can see from the pictures they sit over your back pocket and, unlike the look of the rest of the trouser, look cheap and very bin liner-esque. There is also more of that pressed studs running the length of the inside leg parts of the straps. Again, so many studs seem pointless – unless you have really thin legs then I suppose they could come in useful. I will be removing them from the trousers (somehow) as they work far better without them.

The Footse100 Score:

Overall they fit quite well. They emphasise the right bits, feel good and certainly (on the whole) look good. If they would just remove the pointless straps (did I mention I don’t like them?) they would be on to a winner.

I’d give these a solid 6 out of 10. They feel and look great and if they remove the straps they would be an 8. But with the straps issue and the really long leg length, they don’t quite get into the category of ideal.

You can buy them here for around £60.

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