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Noir handmade wet look vest & shorts

Gents! If like me, you see the words ‘wet look’ or ‘shiny’ shorts and immediately get excited at the thought of it then you can appreciate how excited I was at getting my hands on a vest and shorts combination.

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Gents! If like me, you see the words ‘wet look’ or ‘shiny’ shorts and immediately get excited at the thought of it then you can appreciate how excited I was at getting my hands on a vest and shorts combination.

Both items are sold separately and not as a duo. I’ve combined them here because they do fit well together and you can complete one look with just these 2 items. The vest is Noir Handmade wet look leather vest in Large and the shorts are also Noir handmade wet look leather also in large. Keep in the back of your mind that I am 6 foot 4, have a 36-inch waist and technically a 44-inch chest. I’ll explain why later.

The Vest

First up is the vest. As pictured left, the vest is designed to be low cut into the chest with a ‘criss-cross’ lace type design covering the gap over your chest. Along the inner rim of the vest (around the chest area) are metallic eyelets designed to give it that ‘hardcore’ feel and look. For me personally, I don’t like the eyelets. If you are going for a more masculine feel to what you are wearing then these eyelets are far from masculine. they distract from the main point of the vest which is to emphasise your chest and stomach. I’ll be honest, I ended up cutting them off and making the neckline a little bit wider. But that’s my personal preference, if you are going for slightly less masculinity (could be a punishment thing, you never know) then this would do the trick nicely for you.

For someone with my size dimensions, the fit was a little tight. You could go a size up if you are around my size but I suspect you may run the risk of being baggy. Most wet look leather (and indeed rubber for that matter) is ‘skin tight’ so this is just about right depending on your own comfort zone. It’s a little mission to get off once on (and you do have an issue with sweating in it) but if you’ve ever worn anything like this you get that problem regardless. The feel of the wet look leather is quite good and the shine does add to the overall feel of the vest. I’ve included a picture (right) of the feel and fit of the vest (before I removed the studs).

You can buy the vest here for £49.99.

The Shorts

The shorts were of the same material and also in a large. As with the vest, the shorts were definitely a ‘snug’ fit again designed to enhance key features and draw attention to either your butt or your crotch. The crotch ‘pouch’ has a red zip that runs from the top of the shorts down under the crotch area to allow for ‘easy access’ without the need to take the shorts on and off (which can be a bit of a challenge in the right scenario). For me, a 36-inch waist man with an average bulge these fitted perfectly. They required no modification, however, I would issue 1 word of caution. If you are not used to tight fighting shorts with a zipped access, be careful when undoing and doing up the zip. An unfortunate trapping could ruin even the horniest of moments. Also, if you’re at an event where places to store items is at a premium there is a small pocket along the top of the shorts on the right-hand side. Just big enough to put either a key or spare notes in but nothing bigger than that.

I’ve included the best picture of the shorts from the back as best I could but if you have ever tried to take a butt pic it’s a nightmare without help.

You can buy the shorts here for £36.99.

A good combo?

Overall this combo of the wet look leather vest and wet look leather shorts is a great combo for those into the leather/rubber look and feel. With a little tweak to the vest, a decent set of socks and boots you’re outfit is complete. It is those studs on the vest that are the only let down for me, they are just unnecessary and distracting from the overall outfit. The vest I would give an 8/10 and the shorts a 9/10. Overall I’d rate these an 8 out of 10 as it’s just those eyelets that let it down.

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