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Pjur Anal Lubes:

To Silicone or to Water? That is the question…

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Being a gay man rather partial to anal sex, lube is a must. You can do it with spit but let’s be honest, its awkward and it hurts. It’s far simpler and easier to lube up and dive right in. But which to use?

I’ve tried out these two types of Lube from Pjur (made in Germany, and we all know how much fun the Germans are). One was water based and one silicone based. Lube can be used for a range of activities so I put them both through their paces in the ‘wanking’, ‘fleshlight’ and ‘anal’ categories (I forced myself to do it 6 times, it was hell I tell you). Both tubes I tried are 100ml bottles, very handy for storing in the overnight bag!

The Bottle:

If you wanted a lube to blend in amongst the other ‘herbal remedies’ this would be the one for you. Apart from the obvious pun on the label, “analyse me”, the packaging isn’t as in your face as some other brands. The main down side to both types is the screw top and the ‘squeezey bottle’ method to get the lube out. If you’re already stick handed squeezing the bottle (or indeed just getting the cap off) is a challenge.

Texture & Smell:

Let’s start with the silicone one. Most lubes you come across are silicone based in one form or another and it’s likely you may well have used a silicone one without ever realising it (unless you have an allergy of course). My issue with silicone lubes is that they are often sticky and make any sort of playful activity a bit of a mission (towels at the ready).

The water based one is a little runnier than the silicone one but on the up side neither of them smell! There is a very faint odour to them but it is extremely faint and you wouldn’t notice it during your activities.


As well as one being water based and the other silicone, the ingredients for both do differ wildly. The silicone lube contains Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Simmondsia Chinesis (jojoba) seed oil and amyris balsamifera bark oil. If you have any allergy to anything seed related I would avoid using the silicone just to be safe.

The water based lube however is more alaergen friendly with ingredients being water, glycerine, xanthan gum, sodium hyaluronate, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and citric acid (all of which are pretty harmless).


The silicone one claims to ‘glide’ offering a smoother more enjoyable experience. I can attest that, with the right amount (more than a smidge) it was very good at easing into either a fleshlight or use for anal sex. The main down side from the silicone, as with other silicone lubes, was that both the top and bottom feel like they need to wipe down afterwards as it tends to become sticky if left on the skin.

Beyond that the silicone lube does as it says on the tin. I’d recommend this for inexperienced anal fun goers, those that are tight downstairs or those with larger penises as this does help lubricate and ‘ease’ things along. I’d also add that if you want to use this for use on a fleshlight ensure you clean the fleshlight out afterwards (as you should anyway) but silicone lube does affect the fleshlight material if left because of the silicone reacting with the toy.

As for the water based lube, it is weaker in texture to the silicone lube so I found that I did need to use a little more for use in wanking, on the fleshlight and for anal. Having said that I found the water based one far better for comfort. It is easy to wash off and doesn’t leave the hand (or other areas) feeling sticky and in need of a clean. When used for anal intercourse, with the right amount, it was less of a concern during intercourse as it is easy to wipe off the hand and easy to apply.

And so:

For me I liked the water based one more. I’d not used water based ones before (that I am aware of) and it was definitely a better experience. However I shall be keeping the silicone one in the drawer just in case, because sometimes you just that little bit more lubricant (allergies permitting of course).

I’d rate the Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide as 7/10 and the Comfort Water Anal Glide as 8/10.

The Pjur Analyse Me Comfort Water Anal Glide can be found here for £14.99 and the Pjur Analyse Me Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide can be found here also for £14.99.

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