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Pocket Pulse Remote:

I’ll put that in my pocket!

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A little while ago I got to play with the Pulse III Solo from Hot Octopuss. This time I get to have a play with the ‘Pocket Pulse’ (with remote). As the title of my review gives away, I do like this little fella, however, don’t try and put it in your pocket boys n girls – it bulges in all the wrong ways!

Look & Feel

Similar to the Pulse III, the pocket pulse is a male vibrator designed to add pleasure to either solo or dual play. The pocket pulse is made of the same silicone material around the penis grip and black plastic on the back. The silicone, as mentioned before, can be quite harsh on your penis skin if you use it ‘dry’ as it feels rubbery in texture, so for me as someone without a kink for pain, a little bit of lube helps out!.

The pulse is water resistant so can be cleaned but I wouldn’t recommend placing it in a bowl of water. When I have cleaned it I’ve used a wipe or other wet cloth with a little soapy water to clean it off.

Either side of the grip are buttons to control the intensity of the vibration (a plus and minus) and these controls are replicated on the small ‘button’ shaped remote. As with the larger model you have a USB based power cable which charges the pulse in under an hour giving you about 4 hours use.

Solo use

The pocket pulse is designed to add extra pleasure for men when masturbating. For solo use, you don’t really need the remote as you can control the settings from the device itself and you’ll have one had on the device anyway (and another hand free to do whatever you please).

As you can see from my helpful assistant dildo (I’ve named him Brent) you can see how the pulse fits around the penis and can be held when playing either solo or together. The pulse also boasts that it can be used on flaccid and erect penises alike. I only agree with this if you have a penis over a certain size. Having tried it with someone who was under 5″ I can say that this boast is very much conditional. If you’re into genital size embarrassment then this is a good device for using on someone to remind them of their size. If not, then I would say that this toy isn’t for you as it is designed for those over 5″ and with some thickness/girth.

Duo use

Being a gay man I cannot really test its effectiveness on wearing it while playing with a lady. However, I can give some tips based on what happens when you try and use it while playing with another guy (tips which should work just as well with the ladies).

Tip 1, don’t think you can penetrate someone with it – because you can’t! No, I didn’t try myself, but from the design of the Pulse, it was a question that came up. Given the way it grips the penis, I would not advocate doing that either as part of penetration or to support it. Unless you are 10″ plus it will simply get in the way. Also, don’t think you can give a blowjob to someone with it on because you can’t. Again, for a huge penis maybe but for the rest of the population definitely not.

Tip 2, this toy is very much about vibration, rubbing and masturbation. So, if you are going to wear during play then it works best when your playmate is sat over you (think cowboy position). That way their taint (the area between the penis and butt) rubs up against it and can enjoy the sensation too. It’s wildly accepted that this area of a man can be quite a sensitive area so again it could be another way to spice up foreplay and get your playmate really excited.

Tip 3, give your partner the control and let them take the lead on its intensity. That way you, as the person lay down being ‘ridden’ (referring back to cowboy) can really enjoy the sensation this adds to the moment.

The final Footse100 score

Overall I like it. Unlike it’s larger brother, the pocket pulse can accommodate a wider range of penis sizes, is simple and easy to clean, isn’t as bulky as the Pulse III but has all the same features. This is a very good masturbation aid as masturbation aids go. Overall I’d rate it 9/10.

You can buy the Pocket Pulse online for around £70.

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