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Sukrew Crotchless Jock Strap

A pleasure, and a bit of a pain

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Otherwise known as the U Jock White Joey this is one of my favourite Sukrew jocks, or rather it was until it decided to fall apart.

For those of you new to the Sukrew brand they are primarily an underwear brand offering boxers, briefs, leggings and jocks. They gained some fame for their "bulge enhancing' pouches that boasted comfort, design and a feeling that you had a lot more down there than was actually there.

This particular jock is known as a U-Jock 'joey' in white, size large (fits a 34-38" waist). Purchased towards the end of 2017 as part of a 'spoil yourself' shopping spree I had online.

This particular jock, the is part of their 'crotchless' range of underwear. And it is literally what it says on the tin. At the front of each item in this range is a hole for your penis (and balls) to go through and hang outside of. It's rather liberating, especially with a jock like this as it feels like you're not wearing anything at all!

I've bought a few things from them now, a mixture of leggings, boxers and jocks and this, when I was looking at it, looked to be my favourite.

Look n feel:

As you can see from the pictures, this jock is very minimalistic. With the crotchless hole at the front there is even less material so you only really get a feel from the straps and small area of material at the front. From what I can gather all the crotchless holes are about the same size, so if you are a girthy lad, be aware it can rub around the top base of the penis if wearing for a long period of time.

The straps are normal elastic and mine is a large. They fit quite well, don't rub or have any elements to them that itch or get in the way (as some jocks do). The label is tucked away in the front so you hardly notice it.

In my opinion they look amazing front or back. The crotchless front means that regardless of size, against the material of the front area your package has a certain hang and 'emphasis' to it. As you can see below, the blue Sukrew design logo on the strap emphasises the cheeks and, if you're a typical gay that does enjoy flashing the pant brand, it does that job very well.


In terms of long lasting these are not going to be long term keepers I am afraid. The washing instructions say that you can wash at up to 40 degrees with normal washing. Even wearing these once a fortnight has meant that after about 8-9 months the elastic in the waist bands has started to fray and come away from the rest of the band. This doesn't seem to be affecting any of the bands, but in terms of its look, it does ruin it for me.

These are one of my favourite jocks, useful for all sorts of events and activities, but to start falling apart with moderate use after 9 months is a bit bad. Sukrew do let themselves down with these on that, my only negative point. Some of my other jocks have lasted far longer with no issues so I hope Sukrew up their game with the durability of their jocks like this in the future.

If you are willing to look past the fraying issue, then these are a decent (horny) buy. But if you want your jocks to last then until Sukrew address the fraying issue this particular jock might not be for you.

You can purchase this u-Jock from various underwear providers and also direct on the Sukrew website (currently at £9.99 in their sale (as of 9 Jan 2019)).

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