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Sukrew Underwear: An update!

I got to try out the new quality Plymouth V Brief

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You might recall that a little while ago I reviewed some Sukrew jocks and I was disappointed with the stitching as it was coming apart? Well it turns out I wasn’t the only one that had experienced this problem, to the point that Sukrew have now ever changed providers to increase their quality.

I was contacted by Sukrew who explained the context as to why quality had been not up to stretch and invited me to try out a newer pair, now made in the middle east. And me being me, like I would turn the opportunity to try out some new underwear!

I therefore got my hands on the Plymouth V Brief Jock. It isn’t part of the crotchless range (my personal favourite) but is cut the same way as their other jocks (for added comfort and look and feel!).

Look n Feel:

Immediately you notice a massive improvement in the feel of the fabric and stitching. Both the pouch at the front and back straps are cotton and you instantly can feel the cotton quality. Feel wise, the structure of the ‘penis pouch’ at the front gives you enough cloth so that, big or small, you are in comfort. The way the pouch is constructed also means that even if you aren’t the most blessed of people, it can emphasise and looks great in selfies! (Not that I’ve taken selfies…).

The rear straps that form the jock have elastic in them so they wrap around your cheeks perfectly. Again, depending on the shape of your bottom, they work well to emphasis what you’ve got and also look great in selfies.

The waist band is also elasticated and mine were a large. As a 36 inch waist I would say they were a perfect fit. Tight enough to make you feel sexy but not that tight that you feel you’ve poured yourself into underwear 3 sizes too small. The Elastane fabric feels comfortable and unlike other brands, they haven’t put the label in the wast band - thank the lord!!! Nothing annoys me more than that label on the waist band.

Durability & Care:

I’ve been putting the jock through the motions. It has been worn in a number of scenarios both as underwear and as the main item of clothing I was wearing for ‘nocturnal activities’.

As underwear the jock works and feels well. Due to its comfort it doesn’t interfere or cause issues with any other trousers. For the gays, the waistband is thick enough to wear at a normal height and still be on show under your trousers (we gays like our underwear waistbands to be on show when topless or reaching for things - no idea why).

As your main item of clothing, for me this jock makes me feel sexy. Not as much as the crotchless ones mind you (as they are my favourite) but this comes a very close second. In terms of being ‘grabbed’ it put it through its paces with very little signs of wear and tear.

I wash my clothes on a cold wash anyway, and that doesn’t seem to be doing it any harm at all. I’ve checked the stitching after about 10 vigorous washes so far and so far not one side of stitching coming apart. They are already better than the old quality ones. Great work Sukrew!

The Footse100 Rating:

The fact that they have acknowledged the quality issue and, from what I’ve been told, have busted a gut to improve the quality at great expense instantly earns them even more respect from me as a company. The feel, stitching quality and fabric have all been improved making for a comfortable, great feeling jock for any wear purpose.

You can purchase these for under £20 either from the Sukrew website or via sites like DeadGoodUndies for similar.

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