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The Doc Johnson 'mouth palm pal'

A mouth when you need one or just a bit of a handful?

Doc Johnson: Mouth Palm Pal Masterbation Aid

You know me, I do enjoy a good masterbation aid, so when I see this on the Clonezone website I thought "Why not, lets give it a whirl". If I don't like it on me, then I'm fairly sure I could use it on an unsuspecting sub at some point.

For those that have never tried a 'masterbation aid' before, these are things (devices or other) that just add a little spice to having a wank. Your right hand man (or left hand of God depending on your setup) is all well and good, but some times you just need a little something to make that wank a little more, special.

In this entry into the Footse100 therefore, I present to you the Doc Johnson 'Mouth Palm Pal'. I'll take you through what it comes with, how it works, things to be aware of, any failings it has and where I got it from (although, you could just google it and find the best price online).

PS, I don't use 'real' body parts to demonstrate. If you want to see that, subscribe to my onlyfans. ;o)

What it came in:

Your cardboard packaging is fairly clear all over it what you are getting. While you cannot 'see' the product through the packaging the image on the box is fairly accurate. Some of these promo images like to show the product in a reaaaallly good light, but this one (to its credit) is fairly honest and accurate.

On 3 sides are just the usual promotional blurb with 1 side outlining in various languages that it is 'TPE' (and not Silicone) and is Phthalate free.

Within the box you'll get the device itself, a care guide and 1 sachet of the refresher powder within a plastic holder. Both the box and the plastic container are recyclable as far as I can tell (although the box tells you nothing).


NB. The £1 coin is there for size comparison by the way. I don't have a money fetish. Well, outside of wanting more of it of course...).

The device itself:

Below is a summary of the actual dimensions of the 'little wanker'. Am I allowed to call it that? Probably not, so I'll stick to 'device' (but when you see the word 'device', replace it with 'little wanker' for a laugh).

Material: TPE
Color: Skin Tones
Length: 4.8 inches
Insertable Length: 4.5 inches
Diameter: 2 inches

It only comes in 'lighter' skin tones. So where on the 'Doc Johnson' website under 'color' they say 'skin tones', the word 'light' is missing there. If you prefer a more darker skin tone experience then you are out of luck based on what I can find.

The TPE, like similar products, means it is fairly flexible, soft to touch and water resistent. It does, however, mean that silicone based lubricant does stick to it and if not washed thoroughly then bits of dust and hair etc can get stuck to it.

Using it:

The device is fairly simple in its use. Simply, when erect, slide the penis into the device at mouth end and stroke back and forth as shown. Fair simples. Or so it would seem...

The first thing to note is that the 'hole' for your penis to enter is rather small. Therefore the grip around your penis as you slide into it will be strong. Without appropriate lubricant it will pull on your foreskin (or just skin for my cut brothers) and if you are sensitive to such things, be warned!

Resist the urge to 'go in dry' and instead make sure you've used plenty of lube to ensure it slides with ease. Means you can focus on the important things and enjoy a relatively 'tight' blow job. (Although, while I've had some great blow jobs in my time, I wouldn't call any of them 'tight'. So this is an interesting experience).

Be aware, that with enough lube needed to slip and slide comes a little leakage. The device is only 4.5 inches long from one 'hole' to the other 'hole' therefore there is another hole at the 'other end' for the 4.5 inch and above. So be warned, if you do 'load up' the device with lube it may leak out of the other end if held upright and you do put a reasonable amount in. In short, always have a towel to hand and avoid doing it over your (or your mother's) prize bedsheets.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

The device is made out of a pourous material, therefore avoid too much soap when washing. These porous materials are more sensitive to temperature than nonporous toys, meaning they might get warped if they’re exposed to too much heat. Run the device under warm water and clean it with a soapy washcloth. If you can use a 'sensitive skin' soap that will be better as it contains less chemicals.

Doc Johnson does over a cleaning agent for taking care of the device, as well as the refresh powder, but I would use the powder sparingly. And if you can wash it at home with no harm, then do that.

The final Footse100 rating:

I tried this device on both myself and a friend. As a wanking aid goes, it's not bad. Easy to use, easy to clean and maintain and low cost. You need to make sure you are fully erect for it to work however as the hole is so small. So something to 'get you going' this is not. Very much something to either edge with (carefully) or to reach full ejaculation. A solid 4/5 from me!

Where you can buy it:

I got mine from Clonezone for £10 (£9.99 to be exact) however you can buy from a number of stores for a range of prices. Bought directly from Doc Johnson the device is $17.50 (as of 19 July 2020).

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