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The end of the 'crotchless' range by Sukrew?

End of era... or is it?

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As you can probably gather by now, I am a little bit of a fan of Sukrew underwear. I have a number of pairs and they are, in my not so humble opinion, damn sexy underwear. However when I went to write my next review for a crotchless V jock I noticed that they had disappeared from the Sukrew website.

Now you can imagine my little heart sank. So I may have tweeted them with a little tear in my eye, to enquire as to where this range had gone! Luckily for me, they will be returning in a new guise with a new design and with their new production standards (see previous blog post).

To say I am now excited is an understatement. These I look forward to getting my hands on so when I know more I shall share!

Until then however, I shall merge 3 blog posts into 1. This one will look at 3 similar crotchless V jocks from Sukrew in Red, Yellow and Blue. Technically, under the old site, they were listed as separate products but in terms of design, comfort and feel they are the same.

So you can get a feel for why I like them, and (like me) build up some excitement for the new range, I'm going to take you through them and what they are like to wear and maintain.


As you can see below the crotchless jocks are designed to fit and look like a standard jock strap following that traditional v shaped design. The waist band (for this range at least) comes in either white or black based on the colour of the main jock fabric. As you can see below, red and blue comes with white but yellow comes with black.

At the very front of the jock (where the 'pouch' would normally sit), there is a hole approx 4-5 cm across in which you genitals can poke through. In the newer ranges the risk of 'rubbing' of the outer hole against the base of your penis is lower. If you don't position yourself properly then yes it will rub and you will notice it (but not painfully so in my experience).

This 'crotchless' and uncovered nature of your penis however does mean you need to be careful about what trousers/shorts you were. One bit of excitement too many and your ever so slight pre-cum is going to be very noticeable. Darker trousers are encouraged for nights out!

The rear of the jock is very much the same as their wider jock range. The cotton based material gives a soft feel, and depending on how you like your jocks, a snug feel to your cheeks. I currently have a size large and have a 36" waist (currently) and these do me very well.


First thing to say here is that if you have never dabbled with crotchless anythings before then it does take a little getting used to. It can, especially where the penis is now rubbing things it was not rubbing before in your trousers/shorts, be very much like going commando. So if you're 'easily pleased' then fair warning, these are most definitely the horniest underwear for you!

As above, where they are made of a softer elastic and cotton based material they feel soft against the skin. This also means that the crotch 'hole' isn't as rough on the area surrounding your penis as some of the older versions have been.

Due to the freedom and comfortable feel of the crotchless jocks, to me at least, they make me feel comfortable in the underwear I am in and they make me feel confident. They even, because all things hang loose, give the impression things are just that little more bigger and balls hang just that little more lower. Every little helps right? Even if it is just a trick of the eye.


As per my previous post on the quality issue Sukrew had, these are definitely one of the better ones of the older range. On the red ones I've noticed that one of the elastic threads has started to come undone but given the level of use and that it is no where near the issues of the other Sukrew jock I would say that these had withstood use and washing pretty well.

If you are so inclined (or just happen to) get cum on them, they do retain their softness and flexibility quite well. Sometimes with some underwear if cum gets on them and dries it can go a bit, crusty. These (although it's never been more than a couple of days) don't seem to get the crusty effect, but instead just get that 'cum mark' on the material and remain fairly 'flexible'.

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They can easily be washed on a low setting and with other underwear. They dry fairly quickly and the colour doesn't appear to run so are safe with any 'lighter' clothing also in the wash.

What's the scores on the door?

Well it's probably no surprise to you that I like these crotchless jocks. They feel good, look great, are relatively cheap in comparison to similar jocks and clean well. These (especially when they are redesigned and made to the new standards) have the potential to be 5 out of 5 and then some!

I look forward to hearing more news about the new range so do subscribe to the blog and I'll update you with news and reviews as I can get them.

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