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The New Hot Octopuss Jett for Men

Check out my review of the latest guybrator from HotOctopuss

Welcome to the new toy for men from Hot Octopuss. I’ve tried a few of their products now so when news came out of a new toy, naturally, I was all over it. The ‘Jett‘, as it’s known, is an all-new ‘guybrator’ which claims on the website, to take you from “flaccid to erect hands-free”. A bold claim. So buckle up and come join me down this particular rabbit hole as I take you through my adventures playing with it and testing this theory.


Like all Hot Octopuss products, the outer packaging is pretty impressive. It is covered in images of the product so you can see what it looks like before you buy it, plus some little images on the side for how best to apply it. If you want to be discrete in buying it (if you see it in a shop for example) you’ve got no chance.

Within the outer package contains the vibrator ‘bullets’, the silicone mould, the remote control, the cables for the remote (I know, I’ll come back to that), a bag (for storage) and 2 little paper guides. The guides repeat what is on the box with a little more detail, outline the best practice for maintenance of the Jett and the ideal batteries you’ll need.

Fair warning, it doesn’t come with batteries so you’ll need to ensure you have 4 AA batteries pre-bought beforehand. I’m a little disappointed that batteries are not included given the price, but having said that because it needs 4 of them, there isn’t any space in the box!

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Look n Feel:

Once removed from its packaging you are left with the remote, the cables, the mould and the 2 vibrator ‘bullets’. The remote is plastic but, like all other Hot Octopuss products, has the customary crown on the from and silver feel buttons and finish. The mould for holding the ‘bullets’ is made from the same material as their other guybrators, the silicone rubber mix that is designed to give a more ‘slick’ feel.

The ‘bullets’ are a brushed silver to match the silver of the buttons and design on the remote and are designed to slide into the 2 cradles in the mould, ensuring the larger cradle is left empty for your penis. Apparently, the cradle for your penis can expand, and with a raging erection I can see that happening, but as I’ve found with these silicone moulds you will need to ensure you use lube.

The 2 cables then connect both of the bullets to the remote. 2 cables are needed as you can control each bullet independently allowing for a wider range of ‘vibration’. For example, one could be going faster while the other is slower for a more ‘interesting’ sensation.


Using the Jett is 2-fold. You have to learn how to use the different settings for the vibrations to get the one you want and you have to master getting the thing on a penis (which may sound easy, but in the heat of the moment actually can be a little tricky).

Let’s start with actually getting it on a penis. First, make sure your penis is lubed. Water or Silicone would work but I prefer silicone for this sort of activity. If you don’t there is a risk that your skin is too dry against the Jett’s material and you can harm yourself. Going in dry, on this occasion, is not advised. Once lubed it should be as simple as inserting your penis (a penis) into the largest cradle ensuring the bullets are on the Frenulum side of the penis (see image). The choice is yours if you want to stay at the base of the Frenulum or if you want to slide it all the way down to the base of the penis. You know the penis you are working with so follow your preferences. But remember, the further down it goes (and the longer the penis) the more lube you’re going to need to get it down there and indeed get it back off again. It is a lot easier for flaccid penises (for obvious reasons and depending on the size of the penis you are working with).

Once on you then have to work the remote. Unfortunately the remote isn’t wireless so bear that in mind in what you are doing as the cables are only about 50cm long. To activate simply press and hold each of the ‘+’ buttons in order to activate each bullet. Once activated you simply use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to increase or decrease the vibration speed for each of the bullets. There are 5 different settings for each bullet meaning you can potentially get around 25 different settings based speed alone. The centre silver button then also turns off the device as well as controls the frequency of both bullets. The standard setting is for a continuous vibration however you can change that to intervals based on the speed of each bullet and the centre button will control frequency for both (but not speed, that is still controlled by the + & – buttons.

My recommendation is to keep trying until you find the frequency that works for you (and then try to remember it as the device doesn’t tell you what settings it is on). Also, once deactivated the device resets back to standard basic settings so you will need to remember what you like and cycle round to it from the basic settings.


The intensity of the bullet vibrators is impressive, as it the range of settings available. I’ve tested it on a couple of penises and the claim that it can make a penis erect from flaccid is a fair one. But it does depend on the penis you are working with so I wouldn’t take that as gospel. One penis I tried it on had no effect (but play with his nipples and instant erection). However once erect, using it as an aid to edge and tease the penis, I do highly recommend. I just wish it was wireless! If you want to play on yourself or while standing close to a partner then this does the job very well. But if like me, you enjoy standing back and having your partner (or victim depending on your point of view) tied up with you standing at a distance, then this won’t work for you. I will, however, be adding this to my collection of toys and I would recommend it for the intensity and range of vibrations alone.

The final Footse100 Score:

I like it. It does the job, is relatively easy to clean and maintain and I am very much looking forward to future versions that come wireless. I do however think batteries should be included, especially for the price (£49.99 on Hot Octopuss as of 20 April 2019). Therefore I give a solid 9/10.

Please click here to go to the Hot Octopuss site for more images, prices and further information (including the wider range of Hot Octopuss products).

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